ZoeyInStyle was founded in July 2020, with a passion and love for intricately designed Hijabs. We understand that hijabs are a piece of clothing that are often treated as an afterthought. We clearly thought, we deserved better. MISSION From making garments in our own home, to moving into our own warehouse, it’s been a journey that we’d cherish forever. We’ve employed people from different parts of the world who are fully committed to achieving our vision and goal of providing high quality, hand crafted accessories all over the world.

As a founder I knew that creating the kind of hijabs we needed would mean taking matters into my own hands. I along with the team spent months searching for the perfect fabrics to create hijabs, meticulously testing them to ensure they were breathable and comfortable, and– everything you should expect from your hijab. Our mission is to create a world where every woman feels comfortable and in our high-quality hijabs and accessories that have a touch of both culture and style.

We constantly thrive to bring to you the ultra-modern and current fashion trends so you can be on top of your style game with our contemporary patterns and intricate designs!

We aim to offer adequate coverage, appealing style, high quality and innovative products that will leave you feeling gorgeous and powerful. We hope you take pride in wearing your purchase as much as we do in crafting the product for you.

ZOEYINSTYLE is where style and modesty meet.